Green, Clean and Sustainable technologies

VCO, a registered nonprofit, creates sustainable change with people, for social welfare and justice, by investing in green, clean and sustainable technology.

People + Ideas

We bring people and ideas together

Virtual Co-Operation (VCO) Group


Our aim is to bring back a «sustainable social welfare model» promoting «justice» in society and prioritizing «green and clean technology» in our daily life.
We are delivering the following projects and more than happy to partner with local communities and fellow nonprofit organizations.

Closed Loop Model

We believe in a closed-loop, sustainable economic model with built-in feedback in our communication platform.


Knowledge Exchange System

we are an international knowledge exchange system that specializes in our planet's health using a provable economic, scientific, and social platform.

Enviromental Stewardship

We believe that by developing sustainable technology we czan positively impact our environment in measurable ways.

Virtual Co-Operation Group

We empower like-minded people with knowledge, information, and sustainable tools worldwide to make our world a better, more secure, healthier, and happier place. We share the risks, hardships, and rewards.



Although the idea of establishing VCO goes back to beginnig years of the 2010’s, it was officially incorporated in 2020.
Virtual Co-Operation (VCO) Group is a registered non-profit organization incorporated on Jan, 20th, 2020 under the Canada Non-for-profit Corporations Act with a corporation number of 1185327-9.