Green, Clean and Sustainable technologies

VCO, a registered nonprofit, creates sustainable change with people, for social welfare and justice, by investing in green, clean and sustainable technology.

The International Day of Clean Energy

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VCO is a KaaS-based exchange


World Refugee Day

Virtual Co-Operation (VCO) Group

We empower like-minded people with knowledge, information, and sustainable tools worldwide to make our world a better, more secure, healthier, and happier place. We share the risks, hardships, and rewards. 

Closed Loop Model

We believe in a closed-loop, sustainable economic model with built-in feedback in our communication platform.

Knowledge Exchange System

we are an international knowledge exchange system that specializes in our planet's health using a provable economic, scientific, and social platform.

Enviromental Stewardship

We believe that by developing sustainable technology we czan positively impact our environment in measurable ways.


Our aim is to bring back a «sustainable social welfare model» promoting «justice» in society and prioritizing «green and clean technology» in our daily life. 

We are delivering the following projects and more than happy to partner with local communities and fellow nonprofit organizations.

Virtual Awareness Program

Programs and Services

In order to achieve the desired results we are offering the programs and services listed here.

A helping hand
can be a ray of sunshine
in a cloudy world.

One good act can make a world of difference. You can be that change. Every penny donated and all our volunteer energy is focused on improving the wellbeing of the people we support.

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VCO’s Water Project for Gaza.

Over 2 million people are trapped without access to water, medicine, food, and daily necessities due to the ongoing war.

To that end, VCO sees an immediate and separate channel, the “Water Belt,” to ferry drinking water to Gaza.

The Water Belt, subjected to minimal security scrutiny and supervised exclusively by the United Nations.

Join us on this mission to bring life to the helpless as we rescue from thirst and hopelessness to a future of limitless possibilities.


Meet our volunteers

We are creating a world with basic safety for all.
John Doe
Executive Assistant
Sue Anderson
Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant
Khoa Doe
Executive Assistant
Jacob Olaniyi
From: Lagos, Nigeria
Emile Destin Ibara Doniama
From: Republic of the Congo
Marisol Yglesias
From: Costa Rica

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